History of the fund

In 1996 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the Austrian environmental organization GLOBAL2000 ran a campaign to help children who suffered from the aftermath of Chernobyl and were undergoing treatment in one of Kharkiv children's hospitals.

But after launching the initiative, it was impossible to stop. The idea behind the project, Christoph Otto, organized a wide support of Austrian benefactors to help Ukraine

Initially, efforts were focused on Chernobyl children, but later it became clear that there is a need to support children with serious chronic diseases, orphans and children from families in difficult life circumstances, especially in Luhansk and Kharkiv regions. That is why the organization has expanded its work focus on sick children and those who need help in general.

In 2021, on the initiative of Yulia Drumel and with the support of Christoph Otto, GLOBAL2000 became the founder of the Charitable Organization "Global2000 Charity Fund for Children of Ukraine", which today continues the long-term work of helping children in Ukraine.

Director of the fund:
Yulia Konotoptseva

PhD, Managing Director

Yulia Konotoptseva, PhD, is a Managing Director of the GLOBAL2000 for Ukrainian children and is responsible for ensuring that assistance to Ukrainian children is provided as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"I have been working with children in need since 2014, and I am also an active volunteer. I strongly believe that all children are beautiful and deserve a healthy and happy childhood" - says Yulia

Whose life motto reads:
"Nothing is impossible if your efforts are directed to a good cause."

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