Charitable programs

Direct assistance

The purpose of the program is to provide targeted charitable assistance to children with cancer and children from families who find themselves in difficult life circumstances: help with the cost of medicines, examinations, treatments, etc.; gathering requirements, organizing and purchasing food, clothing, personal hygiene products, stationery, etc.

Support for medical facilities

The objective is to help with the purchase of medical equipment, furniture and accessories, consumables, sanitary and hygienic materials and accessories for KhCCCH #16 and KhRCCH #1, and to improve nutrition of patients of KhCCCH #16 by ensuring the department purchases food products

Psychological support service by onco-psychologists

The purpose of the program is to provide psychological support in the hematology ward of the Kharkiv City Children's Clinical Hospital No. 16 including comprehensive psychological assistance to patients, parents and medical staff of the department.

Psychologists help children and parents to understand information about diseases and treatments, reduce anxiety and fear, and to establish partnerships with medical personnel. To date, our organisation equipped the consultation room in the Kharkiv Children's Hospital No. 16, including furniture and creative materials, and supports the work of psychologists on a regular basis.

Drinking water

The purpose of the program is to provide purified drinking water to children's medical and educational institutions by installing Austrian water purification systems - WPS.

By 2021, WPSs were installed in 73 schools and boarding schools, 8 kindergartens and 29 hospitals in Kharkiv and Luhansk regions, thus providing access to safe drinking water for around 150,000 children and adults. In 2022 12 WPSs were installed in the Western regions of Volyn, Rivne and Lviv to support compact living groups of IDP families to secure their basic needs.

Support for children's social institutions in Luhansk region

The purpose of the program is to provide financial support for selected social institutions in the Luhansk region, including orphanages and social institutions for vulnerable children.

Until 2022, the work was carried out in the following institutions:

  • Novoaidar regional sanatorium school
  • Severodonetsk Regional Sanatorium School
  • Rubizhne regional special school "Khrishtalyk"

In early 2022, after a full-scale Russian military invasion to Ukraine, GLOBAL2000 for Ukrainian Children organized evacuation of orphans from Severodonetsk to Austria.

Rehabilitation for children in Austria

For many years, GLOBAL2000 has been organizing recreation and rehabilitation for children. More than 2,700 children and accompanying adults were able to visit various regions of Austria and receive help. This program was severely impacted, first by COVID-19 pandemic and then by the Russian invasion. In 2023 we would like to restore the program in its entirety.

Emergency assistance

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, GLOBAL2000 for Ukrainian Children joined the emergency efforts to help children from the Kharkiv region. We received many requests from private individuals, volunteers, institutions and organizations

Quickly responded to them, including:

  • In cooperation with several volunteer organizations, we provided food and assistance for children in Kharkiv. We partnered with the Volontery Dorosli-Dityam BF "Adult-Children Volunteers", the BF "Kharkov Station", the NGO "Special Workshop - Art for Autism", the NGO "Blagovist 2013" and others.
  • Food, furniture, bedding, hygiene for children from families in difficult life circumstances through the Kharkiv Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children Harmony
  • Informational support for children during the evacuation from the Eastern part of Ukraine.
  • Coordination of volunteers.
  • patient monitors for the Regional Clinical Perinatal Center.
  • Strollers for children who ended in shelters because of the war in partnership with the Kharkiv Regional Social Center for Mothers and Children.
  • Food and creative materials for the volunteer day camp Tyshkom-nyshkom.
  • Food for large families from the village of Brigadyrivka in partnership with Volunteers for Adults and Children and many others.