Small Happiness on Great Ruins

Two villages in the Izyum district of the Kharkiv region. Two families with children who left during the occupation and have now returned home. The villages are 70% destroyed. One family lives in an outbuilding because the main house was completely destroyed by the enemy. The other family has a fence around their yard – everything around is mined and there are dangerous “petals” lying around. It is strictly forbidden to go behind the fence! One village already has electricity, the other does not. The parents say that life is possible. The main thing is to be at home, on their own land.

Our partners, the charity fund “With Heart to People,” brought some warmth to the families – things and toy bunnies from

“There was so much squealing, so much joy! Not every family can afford such a high-quality toy now. In return, we received souvenirs – tiny stickers with hearts and smiley faces for phones. The children were so grateful, they wanted to do something nice for us. It seems like just stickers, but every time we take our phones in hand, we remember those kids,” says Valentyna Kostočka, director of the charity fund “With Heart to People.”