Childhood happens only once

For several years in a row, our foundation has been supporting a day rehabilitation children’s camp. Unfortunately, due to daily bombings of children’s facilities, we cannot disclose the location, but we are eager to share the impressions of adults and children who had a bit of luck amid the war.

Mrs. Irina, Varvara’s mother:

Varya was eagerly awaiting the start of the camp session, checking the calendar every day. She wanted to have a fun time and make friends with other kids. And her hopes came true. Varya communicated with peers, learned new coping techniques in stressful situations, kept a wonderful emotional diary, participated in concerts and competitions. And Varya especially liked the delicious lunches. In the camp, my daughter received incredible gifts that she now never parts with: she sleeps with a toy rabbit, walks with a hugging goose, and is looking forward to going to school with a new backpack.

“Organizing psychological support children’s camps in partnership with Global 2000 has become a good tradition during difficult times. We believe that all children living in Ukraine, especially in Kharkiv, need psychosocial support during the war. Our camp consists of stable groups of children divided by age. Each group has 12 children. The program is designed for 10 days of activities, five hours each day,” – says Irina P., co-founder of the project.

“For several years, there have been no offline camps for children in the frontline regions because it’s too dangerous. We have shelters and strictly adhere to rules to protect children’s lives. However, they won’t have another childhood. Children eagerly come to our camp because they miss communicating with peers, having a friendly circle where they are attentively listened to and understood, playing team games and competitions. We also conduct informational work with parents: we lead groups in messengers where we report daily on activities, provide useful advice, links, and materials for independent work,” – comments Irina V., co-founder of the project.

“Many thanks to all partners who made such a wonderful project possible. And also deep respect to psychologist Irina Volodymyrivna and creativity instructor Irina Anatoliyivna,” – adds Irina, Varvara’s mother.

Photos and videos provided by partners. Watch with sound 🙂